Howard E. Firestone II, PE


Mr. Howard E. Firestone II, PE is President of our organization and has over 30 plus years of experience and has worked on several projects from low voltage to high voltage including substation designs in many different industries and in various capacities. He is focused on developing solutions for clients and leveraging many years of experience to organize and drive successful projects. He is working closely with our internal teams and is engaged in close collaboration with his colleagues and clients to help elevate and grow our collective professional knowledge related to power systems design, analysis, and construction observation/oversight. He believes that knowledge sharing is critical to success and believes that leading others with thought provoking ideas and asking the right questions will continue to drive and grow the business.

Shahzad Syed, PE

VIce President

Mr. Shahzad Syed, PE is a Vice President and Co-founder with over 15 years of relevant power industry experience. He promotes the professional growth of the staff and has completed a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering focusing on Power Systems. He has performed electrical engineering services including power system studies, distribution, medium/high voltage substation design and has managed many large engineering teams. His passion is to make things happen – from building high-performance teams, growing a business with satisfied customers, and excellence in electrical design. With his depth of expertise in both private and public sectors, and detailed knowledge of electrical codes, regulations, and recommended practices for North America, he works closely with clients to develop and deliver cost effective and reliable sustainable solutions.

Juan C. Toral, PE

VIce President

Mr. Juan C. Toral, PE is Vice President and Co-founder of our organization and has over 12 years of electrical power-focused experience. He began his career in the electrical apparatus and protective relay testing industry, then transitioned to the electrical consulting industry. During the past decade, his work has focused on the design of high and extra-high voltage substations for many industrial, institutional, mission-critical, and other important clients. He has designed, executed, managed, and successfully commissioned numerous substations in close collaboration with the Team. He believes that curiosity and creativity are the fuel that drives and unites the team and promotes professional growth. His genuine focus on building solid relationships with clients will provide the continuous momentum to achieve FST’s long-term growth objectives and technical excellence.