Our Dedication to our Customers

FST works tirelessly to identify, propose, and execute our professional services for our clients. We identified and proposed on over 15 projects in our first 8 weeks in business.

Many of these proposals turned into projects and our execution is underway. Our “common denominator” in everything we do is thinking about how to make the customer successful. This drives our business from proposal writing, contract review, execution, meeting minutes, progress reports, and invoicing. Our team communicates very closely with our clients which keeps the key stakeholders aware of progress and project status. This is a core value of the FST TEAM and aligns with our mission of providing

“Proven Solutions for the Power Electrical Engineering”.

A few our highlighted projects over the first 8 weeks

Glenwood Electric (Kentucky American Water)

Our Team is performing a detailed “Arc Flash Analysis” for many critical water pumping stations in Kentucky. This is performed for large power equipment including critical backup generators such as this Kohler Generator.

Kohler Generator
Kohler Emergency Generator – Power for Critical Pumping Infrastructure

FST is currently providing these arc flash services to increase safety for our client and includes detailed modeling using power system software. This is a core focus of our FST Team and will encompass a large part of our revenue in 2022.

Motor Control Center
Motor Control Center – Pump Controls

Elwood City Forge

We are currently providing an overall power system assessment for a large steel making/forging facility in Western Pennsylvania (Ellwood City). This analysis includes the review and assessment of the 69kV and 5kV systems at this facility.

Elmwood Power Substation
69kV-5kV 5MVA Power Substation

The incoming power for Elwood City Forge is 69kV with a 5MVA power transformer. This feeds a 5kV metal enclosed switchgear line-up and associated distribution equipment and transformers located throughout the facility.

Wlmwood Distribution Transformers
5KV-480V Distribution Transformers